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Karte der Gebietsansprüche in der Antarktis

Gebietsansprüche in der Antarktis: Neuseeland Australien Frankreich Norwegen Vereinigtes Königreich Chile Argentinien

  • The claims of Chile, Argentina and the United Kingdom partially overlap (as can be seen from the mixed colours above)
  • Norway claims two territories. Peter I Island (small circle in the top of the unclaimed territory) and Queen Maud Land. Norway has not officially elaborated as to the northernly and southernly extent of Queen Maud Land. This is why the Norwegian claim is illustrated differently from the other claims. It is however generally assumed that the Norwegian claim follows the norms of the other Antarctic claims.
  • Brazilian Antarctica (Brazil's unofficial claim) and New Swabia (Nazi Germany's historical claim) are both marked out in the code of the image but has not been coloured in. (New Swabia is lacking northernly and southernly borders on the map though)